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Hytera  TC-610  two  way  radio

You cant find a more powerful, rugged radio!

TC-610 Professional  Grade 

The  TC-610 is ideal for construction, industrial and other applications looking for an affordable yet reliable radio in a compact  & durable design.    Its  IP66 rated water protection makes it extremely useful for jobs that may encounter wet environments during the work day or may need to wash the radio after use in a dirty environment.   


  • 2-year warranty

  • LED  battery  gauge

  • Designed  to  Military  standards

  • 16  Channels  in  VHF  or  UHF

  • Lithium-ion  battery  with 14-hour life

  • Water  and  dust  rating  for  wet  dirty  conditions

  • Maximum power of any brand radio. 5  Watts  

  • Encoded  transmission  for  secure  communications

  • Can  be  programmed  to  work  with  other  brands

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