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3 Surprising Crane Facts You Didn't Know

You might think there are only a few kinds of cranes used across various industries, but this isn't true! According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, numerous types of cranes are found in all kinds of workplaces, such as mines, construction sites, and more.

Keep reading if you're keen to know some interesting facts about these kinds of cranes.

1.Telescope Cranes Lift Heavy Loads Using the Power of Hydraulics

Telescope cranes are named after the telescoping ability of their booms. They rely on a pressurized fluid pumped through a series of pipes in the boom to lift heavy loads (known as a 'hydraulic system').

The hydraulic system provides sufficient pressure for the boom to be pushed out to the desired length without buckling. These cranes are often used as a safe alternative to scaffolding to lift window cleaners and camera operators into position.

2.Load Moment Indicators Summarize the Various Forces Acting on Cranes

Imagine tracking the angle and height of a crane's boom and the force of the load on the crane as it sways in the air. These are just some things load moment indicators (LMIs) measure!

LMI systems consist of sensors such as wireless crane anemometers and dynamometers that are connected to a CPU. The CPU is hooked to a display that shows information like the various forces acting on the crane. Advanced LMIs like the i4300 LMI by Rayco Wylie show an array of metrics that help crane operational staff reduce the frequency of accidents. In other words, LMIs are vital if you want to optimize workplace safety and prevent your crane from being damaged due to improper use.

3.ATB Systems Ensure Worker Safety by Minimizing Boom Damage

The final crane fact we want to share with you today pertains to an interesting device called an anti-two block (ATB) alarm system.

Wireless anti-two block systems use sensors to prevent cranes from excessively lifting the ball attached to the boom. This prevents the ball from smashing into the boom tip (known as 'two-blocking') and injuring crane operators. ATB systems ring audibly to warn operators if there's a two-blocking risk.

Many people don't realize that you can two-block a crane without hoisting it up. When telescoping the boom out, the hook rises towards the boom tip. This is one of the most common ways to two-block a crane. Luckily the ATB alarm will warn the crane operator before this happens.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Provides Some of the Finest Quality Anti-Two Block Alarm Systems and Load Moment Indicator (LMI) Systems for Cranes

Now that you know some interesting crane facts, it's time to source some of the devices we've discussed. That's where Crane Warning Systems Atlanta comes in!

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