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3 Ways to Increase the Productivity of Your Mobile Cranes

Whenever a crane is used on a job site, the primary focus lies on productivity and safety. Every construction site is working on a tight schedule and focusing on improving productivity in all areas can prevent any delays.

Cranes are an important part of a construction job, especially for high-rise buildings. Crane operators have a lot on their shoulders while operating such equipment.

Here are some ways to improve the productivity of mobile cranes while at a site:

Improve crane safety equipment

Anti Two Block, referred to as ATB or A2B are warning systems used to alert the crane operator from two-blocking the crane.

Two-blocking refers to the hazardous condition where the hook block is raised until it contacts the bloom tip. Without such a safety system, expensive damage can be inflicted on the crane boom, along with injuries to the team and damage to the property nearby.

ATB warning systems are quite basic, yet very essential and, therefore, every job site using a crane requires it. Without it, any damage caused by the crane can result in losses for the company and may significantly delay your project.

To enhance the productivity of your crane, investing in a reliable ATB system is essential. Rayco Wylie wireless and hardwired ATB systems fit every type of crane and application, making them a popular choice among construction companies.

3 cranes working on a major project.

Wireless wind speed indicators

Wind can have a significant impact on a crane’s operations. Strong winds increase the load of a crane’s boom, affecting its stability. Wind speeds higher than that mentioned by the manufacturer can cause the load to move uncontrollably. The crane can topple over, causing damage to life and property.

Around 297 crane accidents that led to hundreds of deaths were reported worldwide within a period of 6 years. A wind speed indicator can inform crane operators of the wind speed so they can decide what the next step should be.

Crane maintenance and repair

Sudden break downs of a crane can cause delays in the project. Have a maintenance schedule for the crane to ensure all components are working efficiently is essential to the project’s smooth completion. To ensure this, have any parts replaced and repaired when needed. Maintenance programs can prevent expensive repairs and upgrading the parts adds to the lifespan of the crane.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a renowned distributor of RaycoWylie crane systems in the United States that offer a variety of highly advanced crane warning systems like wireless crane anemometer and other equipment to clients. We provide customers the best solution for their budget and needs. Call 1-877-672-2951 to get started.

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