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5 Tips To Ensure Crane Safety at Your Job Site

A highly versatile machine, the crane delivers exceptional value to any construction site, but on one condition; it needs to be used correctly.

Improper crane use can lead to severe accidents, and according to statistics presented by the United States Department of Labor, crane accidents caused a total of 220 deaths between 2011 and 2015—that’s 44 fatalities per year!

The good news is that any crane-related accidents can be prevented easily by following some easy precautionary measures.

Here’s a list of the most important ones.

1. Assign Qualified Personnel Only  

To keep your construction site safe and your workers secure, you have to make sure that your crane operations adhere to the standard safety code. Always assign trained and qualified professionals to carry out crane operations, as it’s the best way to ensure a safe and efficient process.

2. Ensure Items are Properly Secured

Dropped loads can cause severe damage to property in close proximity to the crane and injure workers. To prevent that from happening, you need to make sure that the loads being lifted are secured properly. Assign a trained worker to the task and ask them to double-check all the items prior to lifting.

3. Ensure You Have Proper Area to Operate

Before you start the operation, check to ensure that the location will allow enough clearance for the crane to operate properly. The boom and the outriggers need space to swing and transport heavy materials safely. Moreover, if there are any overhead hazards, such as trees or power lines, or if the ground condition isn’t suitable for operations, you’ll have to take extra measures to ensure successful operations.

1. Don’t Rush the Process

In the dynamic environment of a construction site, where deadlines need to be met and objectives need to be achieved, safety protocol might take a backseat. But you should know that a lack of attention to detail is one of the most common reasons behind crane-related accidents and injuries. So take your time planning out the process, double-checking equipment and coordinating with workers before every single lift.

2. Ask Ground Workers to Maintain a Safe Distance

In case of a lift-gone-wrong, the workers in close proximity to the crane are at the greatest risk of injuries and fatalities. So before you start the operation, ask all the ground workers to maintain a safe distance from the crane and the load being lifted.

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