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A Quick Look at the Specifications of the R180 Wireless Wind Speed Indicator

Weather monitoring is a crucial safety task on construction sites. Sudden increases and changes in wind speed have a number of dangerous consequences, including making it unsafe to lift a load.

Wind can create a side loading force on an object being lifted and overload the crane boom.  It can also cause a large load to swing, making it difficult to control.  In fact, sudden gusts of wind can even destabilize cranes.

The only way to keep the situation under control is by using a wind monitoring system such as the R180 Wireless Wind Speed Indicator.

Here are some of its key features:


The R180 wireless wind speed indicator is built to be highly durable and weatherproof. It’s specifically designed to withstand damage from sun, wind, and rain.  Allowing it to be used in an open cab crane.

The dimensions of the display are 4.69” x 3.13” x 2.13” (11.95cm x 7.90cm x 5.55cm). The display also has an alpha-numerical display format for easy readability. It is rated IP67 for water and dust protection.  It has a built-in audible and visual alarm with the option to add a louder external alarm.


All R180 crane wind speed indicators have a lithium D cell battery that lasts up to two years and are easy to replace. The display will show a low-battery warning once the battery is down to a few weeks of use left.  The battery is enclosed in the transmitter and can be accessed by four screws.


The R180 wireless wind speed indicator is accurate to 0.2 mph. It operates within a range of 100 m or 1500 ft.

Since construction sites are subject to varying temperatures, this wind speed indicator can operate at any temperatures within the range of -30°C to 70°C.

Even with all these features, the system is cost-effective, easy-to-use, and simple-to-install. It will keep your crane operator up to date on the wind speed conditions. The R180 has adjustable wind speed alarms your crane operator can set to warn if there is a high wind gust.

For original RaycoWylie crane safety instrumentations, including crane wind speed indicator get in touch with Crane Warning Systems Atlanta.

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