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Benefits of Using Wind Speed Indicators

Two fixed tower cranes

Wind conditions may make cranes vulnerable to operational inefficiencies. Several factors such as wind speed, direction, and variability can cause irregularities. Crane operators should always value the importance of Wind Speed Indicator, AKA anemometers.

These safety devices are designed to monitor, measure, and inform operators and riggers about changing wind conditions during a crane operation. Operators must keep track of wind speed as it can lead to load mismanagement. Heavy gusts can happen anytime. While they don't last for long, the pressure can cause a sudden imbalance leading to potential crane accidents. This blog discusses all the reasons to invest in a durable and quality wind speed indicator for cranes.

1.Lower Wind Impact

Wind can cause control issues for crane operators. Since wind pressure increases with height, this issue is relatively common in larger cranes. Wind applied forces on a crane from an opposite direction. This excess exertion can intensify during speed doubles and pressure variation.

Using a wind speed indicator or an anemometer, operators can ensure superior control over the crane hardware and components.

2.Helps in Identifying Optimum Wind Speeds

Determining safe wind speed and direction is every operator's key responsibility. A wind speed indicator can help operators detect the right wind conditions for different types of cranes. For example, a mobile truck crane may not be as affected by brisk winds as a tower crane.

A hammer crane

Therefore, choosing the right wind speed indicator with a purpose-designed configuration can help operators monitor weather and wind condition for safer crane operations.

More Benefits of Using a Wind Speed Indicator for Cranes

In addition, anemometers also offer the following benefits:

  • They survive rough and rigorous conditions at construction sites

  • They can be easily recalibrated. Anemometers are now available in both digital and analog formats. Both are equally accurate, accessible, and beneficial.

  • Anemometers timely alarm the operators about increasing winds, thereby eliminating extra noise, vibration, and movement in the cranes.

  • Most wind speed indicators are battery-powered, so it's really easy to maintain them

At Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, you can buy the best wind speed indicators for mobile and fixed cranes in the US. We also offer RaycoWylie products, including crane overload system, RaycoWylie Load Moment Indicator, crane ATB system, wireless crane anemometer, etc.

Get in touch with us today for more details.

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