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Crane Operations: Creating a Culture of Safety

Crane Operations: Creating a Culture of Safety

Whether in movies or in real life, we’re all too familiar with how a construction site looks. It’s a dynamic workplace, where hundreds of workers in hardhats and visibility vests work diligently to complete a certain project.

Another thing that stands out in the said scenario is the gigantic cranes that are used to lift and transport heavy objects from one place to another. The construction site is a loud and busy place, with no room for error. A simple miscalculation or any sort of neglect can result in a dangerous situation.

No Room for Error!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average of 42 deaths occurs every year because of crane-related accidents. The main causes of these fatalities include electrocutions from power lines, dropped loads, crane collapses, and falling booms and jibs.

These statistics show us how important it is to improve the quality of crane operations on construction sites, so the people and the property remain safe and secure.

Here are the three most essential steps to creating a culture of safety on your construction site.

Crane Operations: Creating a Culture of Safety

Provide Crane Safety Training

The first thing you have to ensure is that your workers are well-informed with the concept of crane safety and how to maintain it. If not, then all your workers and especially your crane operator needs to receive proper training and certification from an organization, such as OSHA.

Training programs are designed to teach workers all the right techniques to operate a crane and informs them of all the rules and regulations they need to follow. Crane safety training is essential for the safety of your job site and the people working there.

Regular Crane Inspections

Another important aspect of safety culture on a construction site is regular crane inspections. Having your crane checked and evaluated for damage can prevent potentially dangerous situations. Before you begin a lifting operation, make sure you have the crane inspected every day to avoid misfortunate events.

Install Safety Equipment

The last and the most important point to ensure safety on your construction site during crane operations are installing technologically advanced safety devices, such as load indicators, crane LMI system, RCI’s, ATB warning systems, wind speed indicators, camera systems, and more on your crane.

Looking to purchase high-quality safety equipment for your crane? Crane Warning Systems Atlanta provides crane warning systems that are both cost-effective and user-friendly.

We have a wide range of Rayco Wylie safety equipment in stock that includes crane A2B systems, camera systems, safe load indicator systems, and more.

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