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How to Improve Construction Site Safety

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 297 crane-related fatalities have taken place in the past seven years! A hefty 43% of these accidents took place at private construction sites.

The stats highlight that the responsibility of workplace safety is not only limited to business owners. It extends to everyone involved, including the crane operators, site managers, and the safety training companies.

Here’s what you can do to enhance safety at your construction site:

Hold everyone accountable

On-site accidents and mishaps are a common sight, and it’s not always the crane operator’s fault. Anyone from an ordinary worker to the site manager could be at a fault. Anyone who enters the job site should be responsible for their actions and the consequences of those actions on everyone else’s safety.

It’s your job as a business owner to make sure that the safety rules are well-defined, and the employees are taught to value everyone else’s safety, just like their own. They should also be taught about the consequences of failing to follow any safety rules and how it will affect them.

Above all, you must empower your workers. They should not be scared to speak up and report unsafe practices and conditions. Anyone on the worksite should be allowed to halt operations if any of the safety guidelines are being compromised.

Training is the key

It’s a common misconception among business owners that training is only confined to one-time sessions, seminars, and meetings. In reality, practical and hands-on on-the-job training is more effective. You can’t build a safety culture overnight. It has to be a continuous process. Ongoing training is better to help the workers reinforce what they’re taught.

According to the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators, training is the key that helps you unlock the certification door. Well-trained crane operators eventually find it easier to pass the CCO certification examinations.

Furthermore, NCCO is home to a team of trainers, experts, and supervisors that together stand for crane experience worth thousands of hours. They also train the workers to clear the written and practical tests for the required certifications. Above all, they teach workers how to prioritize their own and the general safety of those around them.

Invest in crane safety equipment

Crane warning systems are some of the most important contributors to construction site safety. Equipment like the A2B warning system are equipped with audio and visual alarms if a two-block accident is likely to occur.

Make sure all the cranes are equipped with the right camera system that help crane operators navigate their way through and stay informed. A crane camera system enhances the crane operators’ visibility, especially for the blind spots, which they can’t easily see while operating the machine.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta specializes in crane safety instrumentation products. They only deal with reliable safety equipment such as the Rayco Wylie crane indicators and crane load monitoring system.

You can request a quote by either calling 1-877-672-2951 or by emailing at

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