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Making Your Next Lift Safe and Efficient

Cranes are a must-have on any construction site! They’re one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that make a ton of tasks easier and efficient. As a result, the time of operation is decreased, costs are reduced, and productivity is increased.

One of the major roles a crane plays is lifting. The mighty machines are used to transport heavy weights from one place to another. With this amount of power, the advantages are many. But what you need to be wary of is the risk of damage and injury that improper crane lifting poses.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an inefficient lifting plan can lead to overturned cranes, boom collapse, dropped load and electrocutions causing injuries, fatalities and destruction!

Making Your Next Lift Safe and Efficient

Want to ensure safe and successful operations at your construction site? Follow this guide to make the lifting safe and efficient.

Map Out a Plan

Heading straight to lifting heavy weights without a plan is the gravest mistake you can make. The first step to a successful lift is to create a comprehensive plan on how the lift will take place. Consider things like what sort of items you’ll be lifting, how much they weigh and if you’d need any extra equipment to ensure efficiency.

Examine Lift Area

Before you begin your lifting operation, conduct a thorough survey of the location. Make sure the ground conditions are suitable, meaning there are no depressions or excavation that can lead to an over-tipping crane. Moreover, ensure that there aren’t any overhead hazards, such as high-voltage power lines or trees that might pose a threat to the safety of your operation.

Making Your Next Lift Safe and Efficient

Ensure Clear Visibility

There might be a risk of an unfortunate event occurring, if there’s even a single instance in the entire plan where the operator might lose the view of the load. You have to make sure that the view remains clear throughout the process as obstructed points can lead to major consequences.

Use a Trained Personnel

Designate the task of carrying out the lifting operation to workers who are trained and experienced in the entire process. From the operator to the signal person, everyone needs to be experts in the field to guarantee a 100% secure lifting operation.

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