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Moving To the 2020s: 3 Construction Devices You Should Get

As 2020 rolls in, professionals in the construction industry have started doing their homework.

From financial planning to addressing construction concerns, a lot goes into ensuring success in a hyper-competitive market, and industry professionals know that.

One of these factors includes buying the right construction devices and equipment—a process that can be quite tricky.

So without further adieu, here’s a look at the top construction devices that you need on your construction site to ensure efficiency and safety: 

Anti Two Block Systems

Anti two block systems are used to prevent a two-block condition, where the lower hook/ball assembly of the crane comes in contact with the boom tip.

Without anti two block systems, you could find yourself dealing with dangerous circumstances such as hoist line breakage or the disengagement of the load straps.

This can not only lead to financial consequences like material damage, but also puts the lives of nearby workers in jeopardy.

A quality anti-block system, like the RaycoWylie model R147 and model R140 Anti two-block warning systems, can ensure reliable and safe crane operations.

Wireless wind speed indicator

Measuring wind speed and direction is extremely important if you want to ensure smooth crane operations. Strong winds present a huge safety risk, especially in higher lifts and loads.

Every crane has a limit that’s set by the manufacturer; it’s critical to remain within those limits to avoid accidents.

Investing in a wind speed monitoring system, like the RaycoWylie R180, will allow crane operators to carry out construction processes safely.

Modern wind speed indicator systems come with all kinds of bells and whistles, including audible and visual alarms and sharp LCD displays that cater to all your wind speed monitoring needs.

Crane and Equipment Camera

Finally, a construction site cannot be completely safe without high-definition crane equipment camera systems.

They help crane operators see blinds spots, perform lifts during poorly lit conditions, and keep a constant eye on the load to prevent accidents.

High-quality camera systems, like the CCS2 and CCS4 crane and equipment camera systems, are a perfect addition to any crane or machinery.

They offer improved safety due to better visibility and will potentially decrease the likelihood of accidents.  

At Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, we have a wide range of crane safety equipment, including anti two-block systems, crane Wind Speed Indicator system, and camera systems.

As the leading supplier of RaycoWylie crane systems, we offer specialized equipment, including links and shackles, crane capacity indicators, load indicators, and much more.

Call at 1-877-672-2951 or email at to learn more about our products.

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