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Smart Tips to Avoid Crane Overloading—and How a Crane LMI System can Help?

Lifting operations being carried out via a crane near the building.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the importance of cranes in construction projects is 20. Cranes are essential and highly important machinery that enables builders to lift heavy materials, equipment, and even machines without any hassle. Unfortunately, crane-related operations come with several hazards and risks like electrocution, overloading, and more.

Accidents involving cranes can lead to a catastrophic outcome. Therefore, you need to make sure all the i's are dotted t's are crossed when performing lifts. In this blog, we'll look at some smart ways to avoid crane overloading and learn how a crane LMI system can help. But first, let's talk about how crane overloading occurs.

How Does Crane Overloading Occur?

Numerous factors can contribute to crane overloading. For starters, the situation may occur when the weight of the load is not measured correctly. For instance, If the load weight is 80 tons, but mislabeled as 40 tons, it can cause an accident. Moreover, it can happen due to the negligence of the crane operator as they try to hoist a load beyond the capacity.

Wind speed also plays a crucial factor when deciding the safe capacity for the lift. Wind gusts and rough weather can make lifting operations dangerous even if the weight limit is not exceeded. High wind pressure can cause the load to drag or swing. Finally, faulty crane components and equipment could also lead to overloading.

i4300 load moment indicator by RaycoWylie.

Tips to Avoid Crane Overloading

You can take a number of steps to minimize the risk of crane overloading. First, it's important to develop a comprehensive plan for lifting operations pertinent to weight capacity. OSHA guidelines should be carefully read and implemented to ensure the plan includes the best practices, which will drastically reduce the chances of accidents.

Moreover, the manufacturer's manual should be read carefully to understand the maximum load capacity. Ideally, crane operators should exercise caution and shouldn't test the crane to the limits. A crane accident can cause significant damage; therefore, operators should be educated and trained about overloading issues and instructed to be prudent.

Last, but not least, crane operators should be provided advanced crane safety instruments like load moment indicator systems. These tools can monitor various crane functions and provide a continuous reading of the crane's capacity, allowing you to avoid accidents and keep your workers and equipment protected.

Final words

Use smart technology to your advantage by investing in various high-quality safety instruments, including wind speed indicators, rated capacity indicators, anti-two block systems, and similar products from reputable service providers. It will allow you to substantially reduce risks associated with crane-related operations and ensure safety at your construction site.

Purchase High-Quality Crane Safety Equipment

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