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Starting a Construction Business: All You Need To Know About Crane Capacity Indicators

We’re back with the sixth blog in our long-running series, “Starting a Construction Business.” Today, we’ll discuss crane safety load indicators. These devices are among the most important pieces of crane safety equipment that are used regularly during construction work.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started:

What is a crane capacity indicator?

Crane capacity indicators help crane operators monitor the weight of a load that’s being lifted by a crane. This helps avoid overloading accidents. These devices have been around for several decades, and are used heavily in the construction industry.

Newer crane indicator devices are equipped with the latest technology and offer an extensive range of configurations, which allow crane operators to carry out work with greater efficiency.

How do crane capacity indicators work?

The science behind crane capacity indicators is not straightforward. The concepts may be challenging for people who don’t have an engineering background. Simply stated, there are three important things to learn:

  • Reference Point: the point at which the crane rotates.

  • Force: measured vertically based on the center of gravity.

  • Moment Arm: horizontal distance between the force and reference point.

Crane capacity indicators come to their reading by measuring the load moment, which is calculated as the product of force and moment arm. It eliminates the need for crane operators to perform calculations or depend on guesswork.

Crane capacity indicators use sensors that are installed on different parts of the crane to calculate variables like angle, radius, and weight. These sensors are connected to microprocessors, which provide a reliable estimation of the weight of the load.

The system provides important information that helps the crane operator make the right decisions pertaining to lifting a load.

The Benefits of crane capacity indicators

Crane capacity indicators:

  • Warn of overloading the crane, ensuring safer operations.

  • Show the crane operator the weight of the load being lifted.

  • Meet the safety regulations set by industrial rules and regulations, such as OSHA.

  • Alert operators about maximum wind speed so they can make adjustments.

It’s important to invest in a quality crane safety load indicators to take advantage of all of these benefits.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is the leading supplier of RaycoWylie crane systems. We offer high-quality crane safety load indicators that use the latest CAN bus technology.

Moreover, we also offer an extensive range of crane safety equipment, including crane two block system, rated capacity indicators, crane wind speed indicators, links and shackles, and more.

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