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What You Need to Know about Crane Load Indicators

Archeologists have discovered that it was the Ancient Greeks who invented the crane in the 6th Century B.C. The complex design of the mighty machine was developed by them to lift and move heavy objects without using their own natural strength. It was their solution to build their temples and buildings in a more efficient way.

There’s no doubt that cranes can add tremendous value to an operation at any construction or manufacturing site. It can help the crew achieve objectives and produce results faster by making lifting and transporting heavy equipment easy.

Lifting and moving objects might sound like a simple task, but in reality it’s quite complex. Statistics presented by the United States Department of Labor show that 80% of all crane-related accidents are caused by loading a crane more than its operational capacity.

Consequences of Over Loading a Crane

Some types of crane accidents that can result from overloading include:

  • Overturning – Attempting to lift a load heavier than a crane’s capacity can cause the entire assembly to overturn, damaging both, the crane and the property nearby.

  • Boom Collapse – The boom plays an integral role in supporting a lift, but if the object weighs beyond what the machine can brace, the entire boom can give away, causing major accident.

  • Dropped Load – When a crane is loaded well beyond its capacity, it can result in a dropped load incident. When a heavy object falls from a height, it can cause major damage on the ground.

How to Prevent a Crane from Overloading?

A crane accident caused by overloading can easily be prevented by installing a safe load indicator system on the crane.

It’s a technologically advanced electrical device that alerts the crane operator if the load being lifted exceeds the rated capacity of the crane.

Compatible with telescopic and lattice boom cranes, safe load indicators are user-friendly safety devices that can also be used to weigh and measure loads.

At manufacturing and construction sites, cranes with safe load indicators enhance the safety of the workers, increase production, reduce operation cost and ensure successful projects.

Looking for a high-quality, cost-effective and user-friendly crane overload indicator for your crane? Get in touch with Crane Warning Systems Atlanta today! We’re the leading distributor of technologically advanced Rayco Wylie crane safety systems in the US, providing safe load indicator systems, ATB warning systems, wind-speed indicators, two-way-radios, camera systems, and more to clients for the past two decades!

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