About Crane Warning Systems Atlanta

About Us

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta has been providing sales, support, service, and parts for the Rayco - Wylie products since 2001. Wylie Systems is the pioneer in the crane safety instrumentation industry. In 1933 Wylie designed the first crane overload warning system.  Then in 1964 Wylie introduced the first safe load indicator or as it's known today the rated capacity indicator (RCI). Rayco Electronics, the parent company to Wylie Systems was started in 1978 and specialized in range limiting systems for the heavy equipment industry. In 1994, Rayco Electronics acquired Wylie Systems and continues to develop cutting-edge products for the crane instrumentation industry.


As a US distributor for Rayco - Wylie, we offer our customers a full range of technologically advanced crane indicator systems. With products ranging from wireless anti-two-block (ATB) to offshore intrinsically safe rated capacity indicators (RCI). We keep the most common systems and parts in stock to better serve our customers.


Our goal is to provide customers with the best solution for their budget and needs. We believe service after the sale is as important as the product and what keeps our customers coming back year after year.