i4500 LMI-RCI
LOAD MOMENT Indicators & RATED CAPACITY Indicators

Load moment indicators (LMI) and rated capacity indicators (RCI)  are the most essential operator aid for protecting your crane from an overload accident. Both systems monitor the essential information the crane operator needs to know. The  LMI  or  RCI  shows the operator the weight of the load being lifted, the capacity at that radius, the boom angle,  length, radius, and anti-two block (ATB) warning. There are several different sensors and designs used to monitor this information. LMI systems measure the force on the boom. Usually, this is on a telescopic boom crane and done with pressure sensors on the rod and bore side of the boom lift cylinder. RCI systems directly measure the tension of the hoist line. Us usually this is done with a load link,  pin or dynamometer. Rayco/Wylie  built  the  first  crane  overload  indicator  in  1934  and  offers  the  latest  technology  and  design  for  LMI  &  RCI  systems  today.  We  supply  LMI  and  RCI  systems  for  all  types  of  cranes. The i4500 LMI / RCI is available for small carry deck cranes, large lattice cranes, tower cranes,   offshore cranes and everything in between. The i4500 comes in three screen sizes.  (4.3”, 7” and 10”). It uses a CANbus network for easy troubleshooting and diagnostics. Calibration data can be uploaded or downloaded by USB.  There is an optional data logger that can be used to record all the lifting activity. 

  • i4500 LMI for Telescopic

    Boom Crane

    The i4500 LMI kit on telescopic boom cranes uses pressure transducers on the boom lift cylinder to measure the load on the boom along with a cable reel for measuring the boom angle and length.  This is the most accurate way to measure the load and covers both hoists with one set of sensors. The pressure transducers are small and installed on the rod and bore side of the lift cylinder so there are no moving parts.  Pressure transducer systems are the preferred LMI for crane OEM’s. Long term they are the most trouble free, low maintenance and accurate LMI systems.

    We offer an exclusive i4500 LMI to replace the Greer ETCS System on the Link-Belt HTC-8665 cranes.

  • i4507 RCI for Lattice

    Boom Crane

    The i4507 (7” display) RCI on lattice cranes use a variety of sensors depending on what will work best on the specific model crane. Often the system will use two dynamometers or a dynamometer and dead-end load link along with the boom angle sensor and ATB switch assembly. Cranes with luffing jibs will add a 2nd angle sensor and some cranes will use a slew sensor to measure 360-degree rotation. Other optional sensors include list angle sensors for cranes on barges or windspeed sensors mounted at the boom tip. For large lattice cranes, the RCI system is the most important operator aid for the safety and efficiency.

  • i4507 RCI for

    Offshore Cranes

    The i4507 (7” display) RCI on the lattice and fixed boom offshore cranes use a variety of sensors depending on what will work best on the specific model crane.  The common sensors are dead-end load links, dynamometers, angles sensors, and ATB switch assemblies.  All the sensors came in a marine duty version, usually stainless steel.  I4507 systems are also available for cranes in hazardous gas areas or class 1 div 2 zones for the boom or cab.  RCI systems on offshore platform cranes are critical to the safety and efficiency of the vessel and a required operator aid in most cases.

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