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i4507 Rated Capacity Indicator RCI
For lattice and fixed boom cranes

i4507 Rated Capacity Indicator RCI

For lattice boom cranes


The i4507 (7” display) RCI on lattice cranes uses a variety of sensors depending on what will work best on the specific model crane. Often the system will use two dynamometers or a dynamometer and dead-end load link along with the boom angle sensor and ATB switch assembly. Cranes with luffing jibs will add a 2nd angle sensor and some cranes will use a slew sensor to measure 360 degree rotation. Other optional sensors include list angle sensors for cranes on barges or windspeed sensors mounted at the boom tip. For large lattice cranes the RCI system is the most important operator aid for the safety and efficiency.


  • 7" full color display that is easy to read.

  • High resolution LCD screen readable in direct sunlight and with dimmable backlit at night, with accurate color images

  • Large integral memory 2GB (upgradable on request) and processor speed (600/800 MHz)

  • Flexibility to add inputs and outputs on the CANbus network

  • Intelligent computing for self-diagnostic detection of system malfunction

  • Uploading of new information via a USB Stick-No special tools or laptop required with all calibration done from the display screen

  • Display rating up to IP67 and suitable for an indoor or outdoor environment and a temperature range of

  • -20° C to 70°C (-4'F to 158'F). Optional extended temperature of-40° C to 85° C (-40'F to 185'F)

  • Supply voltage 11 to 36 vdc

  • Audible and visual alarms

  • Output connection for lock-out circuit for overload and ATB

  • Self - diagnostic mode with fault log

  • CPU and Display in one unit


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