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RaycoWylie is a leader and innovator in the global crane monitoring system industry.  With over 87 years of experience starting with Wylie Systems in 1933!  The company serves clients across a diverse range of applications.


With an emphasis on developing long-lasting relationships.  RaycoWylie designs crane indicators to meet their client's specific requirements.


Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is the oldest and largest USA distributor for RaycoWylie products.  Contact us today for help with your crane monitoring system needs.


We provide parts, service, sales and support in the USA.


A diverse range of RaycoWylie products, from ATB warning systems to Load Moment Indicators.


We have manuals and troubleshooting help on our website in the support section. 


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Anti Two-Block Warning System

The R147 wireless ATB warning system provides an audio and visual alarm when the hook reaches the maximum safe height.

R147 ATB Wireless


R140 ATB Wired

Wired Anti-Two-Block Warning System

The R140 provides an audio and visual alarm when the hook reaches the maximum safe height to the boom tip.


R180 Wireless

Wireless wind speed indicator

The R180 is a cost effective, easy to install and simple to use wireless wind speed indicator.


i4000 Load Indicator

The i4000 is a multi-purpose crane indicator for use with several different sensors which can all be monitored independently.


i4300 Load Moment Indicator LMI

The i4300 is a cost-effective LMI that will fit most any crane and budget. It is the OEM system for Grove and shuttlelift carry deck cranes.