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How to Ensure Your Next Construction Project Is Safe

A construction site with a blue sky in the background.

Crane-related safety has always been a significant problem in the construction industry.

Between 1992 and 2006, a total of 632 crane-related construction worker deaths occurred in the United States.  While the availability of advanced equipment has reduced the number of crane-related fatalities in the past few years, it’s crucial to employ maximum safety measures.

Here are a few ways to ensure the safety of a construction project:

Trained personnel

One of the most significant hazards at construction sites is related to crane operations. Therefore, it’s necessary to hire experienced and trained crane operators. It will result in safer crane operations and minimize the chances of accidents. Moreover, competent crane operators will also help verify the safety of crane equipment.

Effective communication

An effective channel of communication must be maintained on job sites, especially during critical lifts. Air horns and hand signals are not effective in delivering messages at job sites. Therefore, it’s important to provide high-quality two-way radios to crane operators, supervisors, and other workers to make sure they remain connected.

A construction worker standing near gray metal equipment.

Control Zones

Control zones should be created in the swing radius, i.e., the area in the proximity where crane operations are performed. The range must be barricaded carefully to prevent workers and personnel from being crushed or struck by the crane. Also, place danger signs and employ additional safeguards to restrict access to the swing radius during the crane operations.

Environmental conditions

Environmental and weather conditions can create a hazardous situation for crane operators and construction workers. Managers and supervisors must use advanced crane safety equipment to evaluate weight load capacities, wind speed, and other factors before the lift operations to prevent accidents due to external influences.

Crane safety instrumentation

In today’s fast-paced construction environment, crane safety instrumentation plays a significant role in maintaining safety at construction sites. Equipment like anti-two block systems and load indicators can allow crane operators to handle crane operations more effectively and minimize the risks of crane-related accidents.   

Buy Quality Crane Safety Equipment

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