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How to Use a Small Crane for a Big Construction Project?

As a construction project manager, your first job is to hire the right type of machines and equipment. These include graders, bulldozers, excavators, and cranes, among many others.

Material management is the mainstay of construction projects, and without proper crane equipment, you cannot maintain process efficiency and timely project completion. You need to consider several factors when choosing a crane, such as:

  • Crane integration

  • Nature of your project

  • Number of employees working on the project

  • The kind of material you need to move using a crane

  • The span of the project site, etc.

While you may think that a bigger crane is better for your construction project, what if we tell you that even the smaller, compacter ones can do wonders?

Yes, you don’t always have to hire massive equipment to improve process efficiency. A smaller crane reduces worksite depression and improves worker safety.

Now let’s talk about how small cranes can be used for bigger construction projects.

1.Moving Material in Narrow Spaces

The basic, most common application of small cranes is moving material in narrow spaces. This is especially true for indoor construction areas. Mobile cranes are the best option for moving and managing material in small spaces. They’re versatile in terms of uses and applications. Crane operators can easily navigate, control, and park mobile cranes without coming across significant risks.

Crane operators recommend mobile cranes for moving heavy objects across shorter distances and a truck-mounted crane for loading and unloading construction material.

A crane lifting a load

2.Reducing Employee Count

Smaller cranes help project managers reduce the number of employees required to manage crane operations. These machines make material lifting, loading, and unloading easier and smoother by offering more controllable access.

Smaller cranes may not have a large radius and altitude reach, but they can be quite useful when used as a supplement to bigger cranes. At Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, you can find quality crane safety equipment like ATB systems, load indicators, crane anemometers, and more.

3.Improving Crane Safety

It’s a no-brainer that smaller cranes are safer and less difficult to operate. You can further enhance their risk-resilience using crane safety equipment. Small cranes are cost-effective and are perfect for new construction businesses. However, you must employ qualified crane personnel to ensure smooth process completion and crane safety.

In addition to the above factors, project managers can also choose a small crane for their big project by assessing the following:

The fragility of material that will be moved using a crane

Transportation avenues for loaded material and the availability of personnel platforms

Temperature, humidity, ventilation at the project site, and forecasted weather data

Why Should You Buy Crane Safety Products Available at Crane Warning Systems Atlanta?

Crane safety assurance is crucial whether or not you have a brand new crane or a rental. You need to take care of every operator, rigger, project manager, and spotter working around crane equipment. This is when Crane Warning Systems Atlanta can help you!

We sell premium crane safety products in the US. Based in Atlanta, our company ships quality RaycoWylie and other branded crane safety devices nationwide. Check out our ATB systems, crane wind speed indicators, and more!

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