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i 4000 Load Indicator 

Multi Purpose Crane Indicator

i4000 Load Indicator


The i4000 is a multi-purpose crane indicator for use with several different sensors which can all be monitored independently. The range of sensors includes load (load links,  load pins, and dynamometers) angle, length, radius, ATB and wind speed. The  3.5” full-color screen can be selected for multiple configurations. Data can be transferred in and out of the display by  USB. The units shown on the display can be set to Imperial or metric. The languages can be set to English, Spanish or French. The  i4000 display can be  used to replace the Rayco/Wylie  W2175,  W2180  &  W2190 legacy products.


  • Easy  Calibration

  • Monitor  multiple  sensors

  • Latest  CANbus  technology

  • Upgrade  for  older  Rayco/Wylie  Displays

  • Selectable  Units

  • Multi-Languages

  • Output  for Lockouts

  • Years  of  proven  reliability

  • IP67  for  use  in  open  cabs

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