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i4300 Load Moment Indicator LMI for Cranes

i4300 Load Moment Indicator

i4300 hydraulic yellow display.jpg

If you’re looking for crane indicators that save time and money, the i4300 is a fully capable LMI at a cost-effective price. This is the OEM system for the Grove and Shuttlelift carry deck cranes and it’s easy to retrofit to older models.  The i4300 LMI is perfect for telescopic boom cranes giving you all the benefits of a crane safety system without all the expense.  The 4.3” full-color display is easy to read in bright sunlight and has selectable units and languages (English, Spanish and French).  It is rated IP67 for use in open and closed cabs. The i4300 will monitor the load, capacity, boom angle, length, radius, and ATB on both hoist lines.  It uses the latest CAN bus technology for reliability and easy troubleshooting.  Most i4300 Crane LMIs for Grove and Shuttlelift carry deck cranes can be sent pre-calibrated and load charts and calibration data can be saved or uploaded via a USB connection.


  • Full-Color Screen  

  • Can be read in full sun

  • Selectable units and languages

  • Pre-calibrated for most Grove & Shuttlelift carry deck cranes

  • IP67 For open cabs

  • CE & OSHA compliant

  • CANBus for reliability

  • Most Cost-effective Crane LMI

i4300 Load Moment Indicator LMI

crane with i4300 part.jpg

i4300 Load Moment Indicator Specifications

  • 4.3-inch display dimensions: 3,66"x7,80"x1,65" / 93x198x42  mm

  • High-resolution LCD  screen readable in direct sunlight with accurate color images

  • Night display mode

  • Flexibility to add inputs and outputs on the CANbus network

  • Intelligent computing for self-diagnostic detection of system malfunction

  • Uploading of new information via a USB  Stick - No special tools or laptop required with all calibration done from the display  screen

  • Display rating up to IP67 and suitable for an indoor or outdoor environment and a temperature range of  -20° C  to 70° C (-4'F  to  158'F).

  • Most Grove and Shuttlelift carry deck kits will come pre-calibrated  

  • Supply voltage 11 to 3 vdc

  • Audible and visual alarms

  • Output connection for lock-out circuit for overload and ATB

  • Self-diagnostic mode with fault log

  • CPU and Display in one unit

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