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3 Reasons Why Renting a Construction Crane Can Be a Good Idea

Two construction cranes with tall buildings and blue sky in the background

Do you have a construction project deadline looming over your head? You’re not alone. Contractors around the nation face similar dilemmas due to the lockdown as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, the restrictions have been lifted in most parts of the country, so construction work can finally resume.

There’s just one problem… you might want to expedite the construction work as you’ll be lagging. But you also have to make sure your capital expenditure doesn’t increase to the point that it negatively affects the financial feasibility of your project. One of the major costs associated with CAPEX is heavy machinery like cranes.

The good thing is that you can always rent them. In fact, it’s actually a really good idea. Here are three reasons to help you understand why:

Save money

Buying cranes require an extensive outlay of cash. Unless you’re planning on expanding your operations, purchasing new cranes will not justify the costs, especially if you’re only going to need it for a couple of projects; in addition to the price tag, cranes come with a lot of expenses, including maintenance costs, storage costs, insurance, and many more.

So, if you need cranes to finish a project or two, it’s better to rent them. All you need to take care of is a one-time fee, which will be a fraction of what you’d have to pay when purchasing new cranes for the construction work. Also, you won’t have to worry about making regular maintenance or any other costs listed above.

Construction site with multiple cranes.


Every construction job requires a different approach, and not every crane is suitable for specific jobs. If you don’t have the right crane for the project, renting makes sense. You can choose from different types of cranes, including tower cranes, rough terrains, etc. This way, your construction team will be able to carry out work safely and efficiently.

Crane Operators

New cranes don’t work by themselves. You need to hire experienced crane operators, conduct background checks, pay them salary and benefits, provide training, and ensure they have the expertise to complete the job safely. You can avoid all these hassles by renting a crane, which typically comes with an operator, especially when you’re facing a time crunch.

Final words

Renting a crane will save you a substantial amount of money; make sure to use it smartly to maximize the safety of your construction workers. Invest in high-quality crane safety instrumentations to make sure the operations carried out by rented cranes are as safe as the work completed using in-house cranes.

Buy Premium-Quality Crane Safety Equipment

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is the leading company that provides sales, support, service, and parts for the Rayco Wylie crane safety systems in the United States. We have a variety of crane safety instrumentation, including Crane Safe Load Monitoring Systems, wireless crane anemometer, and more. Call 1-877-672-2951 to learn more about our products.

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