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5 Costs That Can Affect Your Crane Hire

Cost is often the most important consideration when comparing crane rental businesses. It's good to know the aspects that affect crane rental pricing, even if cost is only one factor to consider when evaluating crane rental suppliers.

Just remember that not every crane company is the same. Compare the variety of services, general capabilities, and convenience of doing business with different crane rental firms to ensure you receive the greatest overall deal for your project site.

Crane Size and Type

Cranes come in different shapes, sizes, and types to suit, and each has a different purpose. Factors like the scale of the work and whether you want the crane to move vertically or horizontally will determine which crane you need to hire, ultimately affecting the cost.

You will require different cranes for building lofty structures and different for working on softer surfaces. This is also why large-scale project crane hires are also more costly than their smaller-scale counterparts. Size and rental price go hand-in-hand if we look at the lifting capability of the equipment. The higher you want the crane to lift, the higher the rental price.

Crane Technology

The technology of your cranes might also impact your crane hiring costs. Several cranes have been updated with new features and technical advances to boost crane safety in the building, cargo unloading, loading, and other industries. You may need to pay a little extra if you're renting a crane equipped with the latest materials, equipment, and technology.

 An aerial view of a container site.

Project Location and Distance

Your site location's distance from the depot for cranes will also affect the rental cost. Costs will be lower if your project site is located within a few blocks of the crane's origin. When the crane is far from its source, you should not be shocked if you are charged a higher rental rate. It's also important to keep in mind that the cost of renting a crane will go up if your region is tough to navigate through.

Project Duration

Crane rental costs are also affected by the time the crane is required to stay on the construction site. For some building projects, a crane may be required to complete a minor portion of the job. Depending on the scope of the job, some may only need the crane for a few hours, while others may require it for months or even years. So, the project's duration will play a huge role in what hiring cost you pay and how long.


Crane depreciation value is another aspect that impacts rental costs. A crane's expected rental price is usually based on the crane's current market price. However, as the crane ages, this specific cost decreases, causing the machine's worth to deteriorate as well. If you rented a crane a few years ago, you should anticipate the rental rate to go down even further now owing to depreciation. This is why older cranes will cost less to hire than modern cranes.

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