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A Basic Guide to Keeping Your Mobile Crane Stable

One of the biggest challenges that construction companies face is ensuring crane safety operations at construction sites. Lifting operations can be complicated and dangerous; therefore, it’s critical to evaluate the risks and prepare accordingly to ensure safety.

Mobile cranes are frequently used in the construction industry. The vehicle can be easily transported to a construction site, and hence, is ideal for building projects. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to keep your mobile crane stable during lifting operations.

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Tips for keeping your mobile crane stable

Here are a few safety practices that all construction businesses should adopt:

  • Hire a qualified operator: The safety of mobile crane operations are highly dependent on the crane operator. This is why you must hire an experienced and certified operator who is competent and skillful enough to perform the lift safely by following standard SOPs and OSHA guidelines.

  • Read the manufacturer’s operation manual: This provides important information about the mobile crane, including operating characteristics, superstructure positions, and more. Make sure your crane operator reads the manual before performing the lift.

  • Always check your load capacity chart: This contains detailed information about the mobile crane’s features and lift capacity at different configurations and radius. Make sure the operator understands the load capacity chart and that more weight than specified is never lifted.

  • Never fully extend the mobile crane boom: Many mobile crane tipping accidents are caused because the operator extends the boom beyond the necessary length. Hence, make sure your operator knows this and exercises great caution to ensure stability.

  • Communication is the key: Ensure effective communication among mobile crane operators, supervisors, and other construction workers. This will allow the operator to perform the lift safely and will prevent incidents that could destabilize the crane.

Invest in high-quality crane safety equipment

If you want to ensure the safety and stability of your mobile crane, you must invest in high-quality crane safety equipment, like anti-two block systems, wind indicator systems, load weighing devices (RCI, RCL, LMI, etc.).

This will allow the mobile crane operator to understand all the variables that affect your crane operations. Consequently, it will result in safer lifting operations and will keep your mobile crane stable and protected.

Buy Quality Crane Safety Equipment

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a top RaycoWylie parts and systems distributor in the United States. We have a vast collection of high-quality crane safety equipment, including ATB warning system, wireless wind speed indicator, two-way radios, crane load monitor weighing devices like RCI, RCL, LMI, and more.

To find out more about our safety products, call us at 1-877-672-2951.

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