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All the Things to Consider When Buying a Mobile Crane

Cranes are not only an extremely long-term investment, they’re also meant to be value-additive and productivity-driven for a business. Therefore, all the results and benefits of crane equipment depend on how well you perform that first task, i.e., buying a crane.

In this detailed blog, our experts at the Crane Warning Systems Atlanta have specifically discussed the factors you must consider when buying a mobile crane. So let’s get into the details right away.

What is a Mobile Crane?

The first thing to understand is the meaning and purpose of a mobile crane. Without knowing a crane type’s unique abilities and features leads to making wrong decisions.

A mobile crane is a cable-controlled crane mounted on a movable truck, making it easily transportable and convenient. Mobile cranes are used for several applications, especially those involving moving loads in tight spaces.

Most of the best mobile cranes are installed on crawlers with rubber tires. These crawlers or trucks have telescopic cranes mounted on top that serve as self-propelled models.

Now that you know the basics of a mobile crane, let’s check out the four main factors you should consider before buying a new mobile crane.

1.Know Your Work Needs

Always buy a crane after assessing your business’s operational needs. Here are the questions you must answer to choose the ideal type of mobile crane:

Where will I be using the crane?

How much is the worksite’s total surface area?

What kind of load will I be moving using a mobile crane?

Do I have skilled personnel to operate a mobile crane?

Do I have adequate crane safety instrumentation to make my mobile crane safer and more efficient?

Answering these basic yet very helpful questions will surely simplify your mobile crane buying process. If you’re wondering about the crane safety products mentioned above, check out our wide range of LMI, RCI, and anemometers for telescopic boom cranes now!


The next factor that needs your utmost attention is code compliance. The mobile crane you’re interested in must be code compliant. There are several local and international level codes revolving around crane equipment. And you must not forget to check if the manufacturer has abided by all of them during the production phase.

Check out the NAICS Code, ASME’s guide to the US crane standards, and the SIC codes for crane manufacturing for more details.

3.General Arrangement (GA) Drawing Assessment

When buying a mobile crane, don’t miss out on its General Arrangement (GA) drawing analysis. The GA is a detailed drawing that discloses all the information about a crane's small and big crane parts, design, and hardware aspects.

It mentions the specification of each and every crane component and allows buyers, users, and engineers to understand the essential usage criteria.

At Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, we not only offer the most premium quality crane warning devices but also offer accessible and informative wiring diagrams, troubleshooting manuals, and more.

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As a premium and highly renowned RaycoWylie equipment supplier in the US, we offer a diverse range of crane safety equipment at amazing prices.

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