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Beginner’s Guide to Crane Parts

A mobile crane is made up of a number of different parts. There is the regular crane mechanism itself, the carrier part of the crane, and safety equipment, such as crane warning systems. Each part serves an important function, and today, we’ll go over all the major components of a mobile crane.

Yellow mobile crane

Crane Parts

The Hoist: Using either an electric or hydraulic motor, the hoist consists of a series of wires that run through the crane and provide it its lifting power.

The Boom: Also known as the arm of the crane, the boom is the hydraulically-operated extendable arm of the crane.

The Hook: Connected to the end of the boom, this is the component that loads are attached to. It’s usually operated by a pulley system.

Carrier Parts

The Counterweights: As the name suggests, these weights are used as a counter against the crane’s boom. The crane may topple when lifting heavy loads. The counter weights are attached to the back of the crane to offset it.

The Operator’s Cabin: The space where the crane operator sits to control the crane. The cabin walls are mostly windows to allow optimal visibility.

The Outriggers: Much like the counterweights, the outriggers are used to add stability to the crane. They are beams connected to the carrier that press down on the ground to prevent the crane from tipping over when the boom is being moved around.

Mobile crane with boom extensions

Safety Parts

Load Indicator: The load indicator is a small device that calculates the maximum weight the crane can pick up and the angles at which the boom is working to prevent overloading.

Crane wind speed indicator: A device that indicates the wind speed and provides and visual and audio alerts. Its primary purpose is to prevent crane use in unsafe weather. Its located inside the cabin.

ATB System: ATB Systems are used to prevent the hook and the boom from touching each other and damaging the crane. They are useful for preventing expensive boom damage and preventing loads from falling down.

While all cranes have most of these functional parts, many don’t come with the safety features. If you’d like to get access to any of the Raycowylie crane warning systems, then get in touch with our team at Crane Warning System Atlanta. We provide cutting-edge crane safety systems for various types of cranes.

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