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Benefits of Using a Mobile Crane on Construction Sites

A mobile truck crane

Cranes are an impressive work of technology. Since ancient times, they've been used to lift, carry, and unload heavyweights from one point to another.

Modern-day cranes offer enhanced performance capabilities. They can do more than just lifting weights using tech-driven safety equipment such as A2B warning, RCI and LMI systems, and wind speed indicators. A noteworthy type of crane that makes construction and commercial tasks easier is the Mobile crane.

Known for their strength, stability, and robust features, mobile cranes can be used anywhere, including mountains, rough terrains, and narrow pathways. They feature cutting-edge power generation abilities and reduced downtime for higher task efficiency and safety.

Let's dig deeper to learn about mobile cranes and their benefits.

Digging Deeper: What are Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are movable, detachable cranes, mostly found attached on trucks and giant four-wheelers. They can also be attached to tractors or rough terrain trucks. Mobile cranes are widely used at construction sites because they're easy to move, navigate, and operate.

A mobile rough terrain crane

Moreover, our crane safety equipment like the ATB Systems, crane overload indicator, and crane camera system can double a mobile crane's performance. Mobile cranes have also proven to be extremely useful in constructing waterways and bridges.

Here are the three main benefits of deploying mobile cranes at construction sites



The most obvious reason for investing in a mobile crane is that they're easy to assemble, dissemble, and drive. Mobile cranes can be moved around, lifted up or down, and parked anywhere.

They offer superior maneuverability, making project management easier for construction site operators. Mobile cranes are also ideal for projects that are expanded across multiple locations and require frequent equipment transportation.

2.Compact Design

A mobile crane offers a compact yet versatile design. They can be used in rough terrains or can work in the middle of busy New York. Mobile cranes are a popular choice for construction sites located in busy cities.

Using immobile or fixed cranes in cities is very impractical. In contrast, mobile cranes can be deployed in tight spaces. And since they're attached to legal four-wheelers, operators can drive them via city roads and bridges.

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