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Better Safe Than Sorry: Crane Safety Tips Every Project Manager Should Know

A project manager at a construction site.

A well-managed construction site is a safe site. One of the most significant hazards at job sites pertains to crane operations, so a project manager must formulate a comprehensive strategy to mitigate risk factors and ensure the lifting process is carried out efficiently and safely. Here are some of the crane safety tips every project manager should know:

Crane Safety Tips

Train your employees

All employees involved in crane operations must be given proper health and safety training. As a project manager, you must educate them about the appropriate precautions needed to carry out the lifting operations efficiently and safely. Training employees will minimize accidents, injuries and increase overall workplace safety.

Crane inspection and maintenance

Cranes must be thoroughly inspected before every lift. Routine maintenance must be performed on all equipment and machinery to keep them in safe working conditions.

A project manager with personnel at a job site.

Secure the site

Under no circumstances should any worker be standing under the load. Crane operators must also be instructed never to lift a load over a worker. Your workforce must be aware of this rule. Ideally, the area near the lifting operations must be secured, and supervisors must coordinate the lift to prevent injuries and fatalities.

Personal protective equipment

All employees must be given appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects their head, eye, and foot, along with other PPE necessary to keep them safe and protected.

Enforce load limits

Every individual involved in the lifting process, especially the crane operator, must be aware of load and lifting limits. You must adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended lifting limits to avoid overloading, which can tilt the crane or cause the load to fall, leading to monetary damage and injuries or even fatalities.

The importance of crane safety instrumentation

Every project manager must know the importance of crane safety instrumentation. Equipping your team with the latest tools and technology will maximize the safety of your crane operations. You must invest in crane safety instrumentation like anti-two block system, wind speed indicator, load indicator, and various other devices.

It will allow crane operators and site supervisors to improve safety during the lifts by having a greater understanding of the load as well as the environment. For instance, a wind speed indicator can help determine if the weather conditions are safe for the lift as wind gusts can pose a safety hazard during lift operations.

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