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Common Causes of Deadly Crane Accidents

A crane on construction site.

Crane accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States within the construction industry, accounting for approximately 42 deaths each year in U.S alone. It's been estimated that hundreds of people have died in the past few years just because safety measures weren’t taken care of. A crane accident can happen because of many different reasons. This blog post will highlight some of the most common cause of deadly crane accidents so that readers can enhance their crane safety measures.

Cable Load Failure

The leading cause of fatal crane accidents is cable load failure. Often, cable load failure is also linked to boom collapse incidents, use of improper equipment and unsecured loads. A boom collapse occurs when the boom of the crane collapses due to being overburdened, defective, or because of poorly maintained equipment or a faulty design.

Improper Use of Equipment

Improper use of certain equipment or using equipment in a manner inconsistent with its intended purpose can also be a cause of crane accidents. Unlicensed and inexperienced crane staff often commits mistakes while hooking, loading or discharging of cargo. That’s why OSHA has now made it mandatory to obtain a license before working with cranes.

Poor Weather Conditions

Every year, there are crane accidents that are blamed on the weather conditions. While it’s true that often some contractors blame the weather to avoid responsibility, bad weather conditions can lead to crane accidents nevertheless. That’s why it’s recommended to make sure working conditions are suitable to avoid any unfortunate events.

Crane workers working under bed weather conditions

Poor Maintenance

There are many types of equipment used on cranes that can be faulty or poorly maintained, and can lead to serious injury or even death. Examples of crane equipment that is often faulty include hoists, anchors and suspensions. Hence, it’s important to check everything before letting a driver operate the crane.

Driver Fatigue

Often, crane drivers and other staff are made to overwork in extremely harsh working conditions. Not only is this against safety standards and labor laws, but also increases the likelihood of a crane accident. It’s very common for a driver or operator to make mistakes due to fatigue or low energy levels.

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