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Common Crane Accidents You Should Know About

If you work in construction, you need to know about some of the most common crane accidents and how they can be minimized. These accidents happen with troubling regularity, and it's always better to be prepared than to be left in the dark. Here are six common types of crane accidents.

A lattice boom crawler crane


Overloading the crane is one of the most common causes of accidents. An overloaded crane will be very unsafe to use and can become damaged just by lifting it off of the ground. There are many safety concerns related to overloading a crane, including what happens if the crane topples over or if an overload causes it to catch on fire.

This accident can lead to one of many unfortunate situations, including death by being crushed under the load. Another common situation is having some sort of mechanical failure occur resulting in injuries ranging from minor scrapes and cuts to broken bones or worse. This will likely result in hospitalization.

2.Falling Crane Parts

This is another frequent accident that can occur when operating a crane. The crane boom is very large and heavy, which can make it hard for the operator to control. If the crane gets hit by a strong gust of wind or some other force, it can either fall off of the truck or it will blow over. This is also what happens when the crane loses its balance and tips over.

This can cause injuries and other accidents. It's usually impossible to tell what caused this accident. The best way to avoid this type of accident is with proper maintenance of your equipment to ensure nothing malfunctions.

3.Dropped Loads

If the load is too heavy for the crane, it can fall off of it. This can cause severe personal injury or even death if it hits someone directly. The load may be large enough to cause severe damage to property as well. This accident is very common with inexperienced crane operators, or if they have not received extensive training before they are given permission to operate the device.

4.Crane Boom Collapse/Fall

A collapse or fall of the boom is another common accident. Without proper maintenance, even experienced operators can run into problems with their equipment falling over onto them or onto others nearby. This can cause serious injuries, such as broken bones and worse. This accident is very common when the boom is not properly secured.

5.Crane Overturns

This usually happens when the ground is wet or icy. Sometimes the crane may be overloaded, which could lead to a crane overturn, or it was falling off of the truck. These accidents are very dangerous to bystanders as well, so extra precautions must be taken to avoid being hurt or killed in one of these accidents.

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