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Common Types of Personnel Platforms Used in Cranes

Cranes require trained employees, skilled project managers, and adequate safety and warning products to run smoothly and efficiently. The equipment is generally considered quite risky to operate and can be a major source of worksite accidents.

That’s why, as a crane operator or manager, you need to know all about man baskets or personnel platforms used with crane equipment. Thanks to advanced manufacturing and engineering practices, modern-day businesses can invest in different platform types, sizes, and shapes. Each crane personnel platform is designed to perform unique tasks and can be chosen accordingly on the job you need to get done.

Some of the industries that cannot operate without quality personnel platforms include oil and gas, construction, general maintenance, and mining. In this blog, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta will tell you all about crane personnel platforms and their uses. So let’s get started!

Personnel Platform—A Brief Definition

Also known as a man basket, a crane personnel platform is attached to crane tips and is used by crane crew and spotters to perform crane operations more efficiently. Taller, wider cranes are hard to operate, especially when during bigger lifts. In such cases, crane operators, riggers, and spotters need to have better visibility, access, and control around the equipment to mitigate safety risks.

Using a man basket is highly effective in improving crane safety, but they’re not enough. You also need to think of ways that can help your operators stay on top of load, radius, height, and weight limits. This is where RaycoWylie RCI-LMI system can help.

The cutting-edge crane safety product is designed to create safer work environments by equipping crane operators with all the information they need during an operation. Check it out here.

Design Criteria for Personnel Platforms

Crane operators need to practice high-level safety at all times. They’re always exposed to a high-risk environment and, therefore, require adequate safety measures.

Heavy-duty crane wire ropes

For starters, crane owners and managers need to buy and install quality crane warning indicators. We bring a holistic line of the most reliable crane safety equipment, including crane wind speed indicators, load moment indicators, ATB systems, etc. Check them out today!

Next, you need to buy or build personnel platforms according to the industry best practices and design criteria. The part of the equipment should be designed by qualified engineers and mechanical designers. It must contain a suspension system that reduces the risk of swaying, tipping, slipping, and collisions for platform users.

Personnel Platform Specs You Need to Know About

During the design phase, you also need to pay attention to some of the most critical specifications for your crane platforms.

Firstly, a guard rail system is necessary to should be attached to the mid-rail and toe board with rail grabs. You should choose safe access gates that are reinforced with a quality locking system for worker safety. Moreover:

1.Even out all the rough edges that may injure an employee or cause material damage upon collision

2.Provide hard hats to your crane operators to protect them from falling objects

3.Practice workplace marking to ensure that the operators, other employees, and pedestrians know about your operative crane personnel platform

4.Ensure that the personnel platform is not over-crowded and the number of employees using it is not more than required

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta—Your Ultimate Crane Safety Partner in the US

Based in Atlanta, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a highly renowned and established crane safety products distributor in the US. Our company has been offering top-of-the-line crane safety products to businesses nationwide.

Check out our free-access crane safety products manuals, crane alarm, wiring diagrams, and troubleshooting guides, or call us now for more details.

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