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Here’s What Can We Learn From the Crane Collapse at the Google Campus

The United States is full of mega skyscrapers and magnificent structures. The Manhattan skyline alone is proof of the architectural brilliance that pervades the country.

From the Chrysler Building in New York City to Googleplex in California, there are hundreds of marvels that tell their own story and stand out.

But these structures didn’t build themselves; years of planning and the hard work of hundreds and thousands of workers were involved in these projects.

And a lot of things can go wrong due to this complexity, leading to catastrophic accidents and even lost lives.

And while we cannot change the past, we can always learn from it to prevent such accidents from taking place in the future.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about the crane collapse incident at the Google Campus that occurred last year—and the reason behind it. Let’s get started!

Figure 1: Photo credits: Bruce Englehardt

Crane Collapse at the Google Campus

Last April, a construction tower crane that was working in a new Google campus in Seattle collapsed from the building due to high wind speeds and crashed down on a busy street.

The accident claimed the lives of four people—two workers who were in the crane and two people in cars.

It also caused injuries to four people who were rushed to nearby hospitals. Fortunately, none of them suffered severe injuries.

What caused the crane to collapse?

The reason behind the accident was powerful winds, which toppled the tower crane that was being dismantled while the incident occurred.

The building under construction was also severely damaged by the crane. Debris and Insulation could be seen through the smashed windows.

What can we learn from this?

The fact that a tower crane, which is extremely heavy machinery, can be toppled by high winds exemplifies the importance of understanding wind conditions.

Crane operations are risky, and there’s no room for error. A small mistake can cost the lives of innocent people. Therefore, you must ensure safe construction practices.

Invest in a high-quality wind speed indicator system and crane safety instrumentation to maximize safety and prevent such incidents at your construction site.

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A top-quality wireless crane wind speed indicator can provide accurate readings to help you learn how strong gusts and wind conditions can affect your site.

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