R147 Wireless ATB

The Rayco/Wylie R147 wireless ATB warning system provides an audio and visual alarm when the hook reaches the maximum safe height to the boom tip. The display transmits to the tip mounted wireless anti-two-block (ATB) switch eliminating the need for a cable reel and making for a fast and easy install (30 minutes or less). The display will run on 12V or 24V power and has an internal relay for use with lock-out kits (optional accessory). The internal antenna in the switch and display are a unique Rayco/Wylie design that eliminates the common failures in systems with external antennas. The Rayco/Wylie R147 wireless ATB system is a proven design to create the most reliable system on the market.

The R147 is available for monitoring one or two hoist lines.

You can now order these online https://www.cranewarningsystemsatlanta.com/atb-r147

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