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Reach Mobile Crane Bulk Handling Targets with Crane Safety Systems

operational managers at a construction site

When working with mobile cranes, there are several targets operation managers have to keep in mind. Everything from movement, storage, protection, and control needs to be streamlined in order to meet bulk material handling targets. These goals are applied in various settings, from small warehouses to large cargo terminals using mobile harbor cranes.

While there are many ways to meet bulk handling goals, we’ll take a closer look at how crane safety systems help operation managers reach targets more easily.

Goal #1. Increase Accuracy and Reduce Errors

Precise movement of the crane and accurate information of the lift specifications is critical to reducing errors during operation. Even a small margin of error can make operations inefficient and unsafe.

Crane rated capacity indicators and crane LMI systems allow crane operators to get an accurate picture of their lift as it monitors the capacity, load, boom length, boom angle, boom radius, and anti-two blocking on both hoist lines. All this information is presented on a color display screen inside the cab for easy viewing. Operators can easily make adjustments to ensure that the lift is accurate and within manufacturer specifications.

Goal #2. Reduce Injuries and Safer Operations

Crane safety systems ensure safe load monitoring and movement that prevent injuries and costly downtime caused by accidents. For instance, crane cameras give operators a complete view of their surroundings, including all potential blind spots. This prevents accidents caused by hitting an object or person in the blind spot.

Additionally, crane RCI indicators prevent dangerous overloading. Going beyond manufacturer specifications is the main reason behind crane tipping incidents and falling loads.

a mobile crane at a worksite

Goal #3. Lower Operational Costs

With fewer on-site accidents, operation managers can enjoy minimal downtime and avoid all the costs associated with crane accidents. Downtime caused by crane accidents results in revenue loss that impacts efficiency goals directly. In case of personal injuries, you also have to deal with the fallout and compensation costs. Finally, crane damage is often expensive to repair, which further drags down efficiency numbers.

Choose Best in Class Crane Safety Systems

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a leading distributor of crane operational aids designed to improve the efficiency and safety of your lift operation. From multi-purpose crane RCI indicators with the latest CAN bus technology to intuitive crane anemometer, we’ve got the right solution for you.

As one of the leading distributors of crane safety systems from top-rated manufacturers, including RaycoWylie. Check out our product selection here.



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