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Reasons to Use Wind Speed Indicators on Construction Projects

Construction projects are dynamic and unpredictable. Constant weather changes, like windy conditions, can affect the safety of your employees and your ability to complete work. That’s why it’s important to have a way to measure wind speed on construction sites. By installing wind speed indicators, you will be able to see the weather conditions at any time to plan accordingly. Here are some important reasons why you should use wind speed indicators when operating cranes.

1.It Is A Safety Requirement On High-Rise Sites

If your crew is working on a job site over 300 feet above the ground, federal regulations require that you have a wind speed indicator system in place. Check with state and federal laws to see if there are any other wind speed indicator requirements that you should be aware of.

2.Wind Speed Indicators Give You An Early Warning For Other Issues

Many other safety concerns can be addressed by using a wind speed indicator for construction sites. For example, the sensors can detect excessive storm activity or air turbulence, impacting other pieces of construction equipment or surrounding buildings. If you know these potential dangers before they happen, you will be able to take them into account while planning your next step.

3.It Can Help You Plan Your Work

The sensors can be programmed to provide information on the wind speed at any given time. This information will help you determine when it is safe to begin your work. You can also use the wind speed to plan for other safety measures like using certain materials or operating heavy equipment next to buildings.

4.It’s Crucial For Warning Of Extreme Weather

Wind speed indicators are also useful when extreme weather conditions, such as an approaching storm or a high-altitude tornado warning, are present. Wind speed indicators allow you to be prepared with proper safety measures in place to work effectively and safely during these situations.

5.It Keeps You Compliant With Safety Regulations

Installing wind speed indicators on your construction site is responsible for keeping yourself compliant with safety regulations. Before installing wind speed indicators, you should be sure that the devices meet all guidelines for your state. Wind speed indicator manufacturers can also help you determine which type of sensors are best for your applications.

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