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Taking a Deep Dive into Crane Safety—Is Rayco Wylie Equipment the Answer?

Large cranes on a construction site in the daytime.

Cranes are extremely dangerous machinery used extensively on construction sites to move and transport heavy material and equipment efficiently. These cranes are extremely powerful and can lift tons of weight to heights without any trouble, provided that crane-related activities are planned carefully and carried out with caution.

You know where this is going. Of course, we’re talking about crane safety. In the United States, thousands of workers become victims of accidents involving cranes ever year. Let’s take a deep dive into crane safety and learn how Rayco Wylie equipment can minimize the risks associated with crane operations.

A large cranes mounted on a top of a building under construction.

Taking a Deep Dive into Crane Safety

First, it’s important to understand the key reasons that lead to crane-related accidents. The three most common causes include overloading, electrocution, and mechanical faults. Fortunately, all of these problems can be mitigated by following the best practices and taking adequate steps to ensure workers’ safety.

Mechanical faults occur when cranes are not inspected and maintained properly. Unattended repairs exacerbate into bigger problems, which cause malfunctioning of cranes. Electrocution from contact with overhead power lines is also a major risk, which can be avoided by preparing the site before starting the lifting process.

Finally, when it comes to overloading, multiple steps can be taken to ensure safety. It’s important to hire qualified and trained crane operators who understand the nuances and inherent risks involved in using cranes. Moreover, a manufacturer’s manual should be used to identify the maximum load capacity to avoid overloading.

More importantly, cranes should be equipped with advanced crane safety systems, including load indicators, wind indicator, ATB systems, load moment indicators, cameras, etc. It will enable crane operators to ensure the cranes are not overloaded and carry out the operations safely.

Is Rayco Wylie Equipment the Answer?

The Rayco Wylie team has been developing crane instrumentation systems for more than three decades. The company manufactures top-quality crane safety instrumentation that exceeds the highest industry standards. It’s the oldest, highly respected, and reputable brand that has consolidated itself as a leader in the crane safety products industry.

Premium Rayco Wylie Crane Safety Equipment

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is the leading distributor of Rayco Wylie crane safety systems in the United States. We have a wide range of crane safety instrumentation, including Crane Safe , Load Monitoring Systems, crane anemometer etc. Call 1-877-672-2951 to get more details about our safety products.

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