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When to Upgrade Crane Safety Equipment and When to Replace It

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Many firms in the construction sector are quickly realizing the benefits of crane safety equipment and using operational aids, such as crane wind speed Indicator and crane load monitors. Since these solutions ensure worker safety and optimum productivity of your cranes, it’s essential to keep crane safety systems in prime working order.

If you’re experiencing equipment breakdown for your crane warning systems, it’s time to consider whether you want to simply replace or upgrade to a better solution. Consider these tips to help you decide.

When to Upgrade Crane Safety Systems

Upgrading the operational aids used by crane operators may be the way to boost the productivity or efficiency of your crane operations. These changes can include installing a two-way radio system, using color displays for your crane camera systems, or choosing a better hoist.

Modernizing systems is a good idea when:

  • Safety measures don’t meet updated OSHA standards

  • Individual components fail or malfunction regularly

  • The safety equipment is older than 10 years

In these situations, upgrading your equipment is the way to go. This can help your crane operators ensure safer operations and prevent costly accidents, such as crane rollovers and reversing errors.

certified crane operator using crane safety systems during a lift

When to Replace Crane Safety Systems

Even the most reliable crane safety equipment has a limited useful service life. It’s recommended that you replace the equipment when the service life is over, even if it seems to be working properly. If the equipment meets current safety needs and compliance regulations, then replacing it with a brand-new version of the same model is a better option.

Replacing systems is a good idea when:

  • Safety systems have undergone several repairs

  • Warranties have long-expired

  • Safety systems meet the crane operator’s safety requirements

Choose a Reliable Crane Safety Systems Provider

Whether you’re looking to replace your equipment or upgrade your systems, it’s essential to choose a reliable crane safety systems provider. Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a leading distributor of RaycoWylie crane safety equipment in the US.

Our equipment helps firms enhance the safety of their crane operations and prevent devastating accidents. Enhance the safety of your lift with our operational aids, such as crane RCI indicators, crane load monitors, crane anemometers, load indicators and portable camera systems.

To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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