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Why Every Construction Site Needs A Surveillance System

Cranes using crane camera systems on-site

With the innovations in digital camera technology, various industries can use surveillance systems to their advantage. With the high number of casualties on construction sites, crane camera systems are a crucial crane safety equipment to avoid any mishaps. Here are four reasons why every construction site needs a surveillance system.

Expand Operator’s Visuals

Crane camera systems are quite portable and can be attached to any crane part; they provide a second pair of eyes to the crane operator. According to OSHA, cranes should be installed with video cameras and displays to control hoisting and extending the boom. Paired with a load indicator system, the crane operator can keep the load in check and immediately stop hoisting when the load is placing excessive stress on the crane. Furthermore, the crane operator can detect any malfunction with the hoist hook, line, link or other crane components with visuals from crane camera systems. It can also act as a winch camera to prevent any entanglement and damage to the luff or hoist ropes. It can be attached to the boom tip as well to monitor sheaves.

Avoid Electrocution Hazards

According to the NIOSH NTOF surveillance system, more than 50% of crane-related electrocutions occur in the construction industry, with an average of 15 incidents every year. Unfortunately, the number could be higher as not all deaths are reported. With crane camera systems, crane operators can avoid contact with power lines that could be missed by the naked eye. In the absence of a rigger or spotter, crane camera systems can prove useful; you can monitor equipment at a distance of 20 feet from the power lines.

Multiple cranes on construction site

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Construction managers and crew are completely aware of the deadline they need to meet to complete a project. Did you know that a crane camera system can speed up the construction workflow? Instead of second-guessing their landing accuracy, crane camera systems allow crane operators to lift and land objects much faster, increasing productivity and efficiency. Our CCS2 and CCS4 crane camera systems can show multiple views on a single display, allowing your crew to complete tasks quicker than usual.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a trusted provider of crane safety equipment to clients in various industries such as construction, warehousing, and manufacturing for 20 years. We provide industry-standard crane-safe load monitoring systems that can be installed within 30 minutes. Check out our crane camera systems to learn more about their features.

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