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Why the Mobile Crane is Preferred in Construction

 A mobile crane being used for construction.

With a long history stretching back to antiquity, the indispensability of the crane to the construction industry can be inferred from the fact that it is often used as a symbol for building construction itself.

As the centuries went by, crane technology evolved in conjunction with the development of new power sources. Today, we have cutting-edge mobile cranes that can be rapidly deployed to lift heavy loads and move them with ease.

Mobile cranes are compact, highly maneuverable, and are great for lifting large and heavy objects—qualities that make them perfectly suited to construction sites. They are an ideal combination of both large cranes and vehicle-mounted cranes.

We’ve dedicated this piece to exploring what makes the mobile crane ideal for construction. Take a look:

High Lifting Capacity

While mobile cranes may be smaller in size than what many are used to, their impressive power capabilities and high lifting capacity certainly more than make up for the compact size.

Mobile cranes come with hydraulic mechanisms and heavy-duty axles that make lifting large and heavy objects to great heights relatively simple.

Compact Design

A tower crane isn’t exactly the most practical solution for construction sites where there’s little in the way of space between structures, houses, and buildings, such as residential projects in urban settlements.

A mobile crane carrying a heavy container.

A mobile crane, however, is much more compact and can easily maneuver into tight spaces and narrow access areas where other cranes wouldn’t be able to reach.

The fact that they are also legal to drive on the road makes it far easier to travel from one construction site to the next, enabling companies to perform multiple lifts on the same day.

Minimal Setup

Unlike most other crane types, mobile cranes don’t require extensive prepping, rigging, and other setup procedures. You simply need to drive them to the site, secure them for lifts, and start lifting. This helps you to shorten project times significantly and waste fewer resources pre-lifting.


The time saved in traveling from one Jobsite to the other and in setting up will help you to cut down on labor, maintenance, and other costs drastically. Construction projects become far more cost-effective with mobile crane solutions.

If you’re considering using mobile cranes on construction sites, you need to ensure they’re outfitted with the latest in crane safety equipment. Here at Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, we offer top-of-the-line crane safety instruments from RaycoWylie, including load indicator crane LMI systems, crane camera systems, crane wind speed indicator, and more.

Contact us today for more information about our products. Call us at 1-877-672-2951.

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