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Wired vs. Wireless: Which Is A Better ATB Warning System?

Massive tower cranes installed at a construction site

Anti-two blocking is the situation wherein a crane’s lower and upper loads come in contact. This is an unwanted collision that can lead to hoist line failure and crane malfunctioning.

Crane operators and directors always choose to invest in cutting-edge ATB or A2B warning systems to prevent anti-two blocking during crane operations. The upper load is known as the boom tip. It can put a lot of stress on the assembly line while damaging crane safety. The ASME mandates that all the cranes manufactured after 1992 must have an ATB system installed.

In this blog, we’ve compared the wired and wireless A2B warning systems to help you choose the right one for your cranes. So let’s get started.

1.Wireless ATB systems

Two blocking is a dangerous condition. It can lead to boom tip collapse that ultimately compromises workplace efficiency and safety for the workers.

An Anti-two block warning system can timely warn the operator and spotter about possible collisions. Wireless A2B systems are smaller, more versatile, and easier to install. They don’t involve any wire or strings extending to the crane’s book tip.

At Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, we stock the best quality crane safety equipment, including the R147 wireless A2B warning systems. Their cutting-edge designs provide audio and visual alarm features making it easier for operators to track any irregularities in the boom tip.

We recommend wireless A2B warning systems for mobile cranes as they are smaller, faster, and more efficient. Moreover, wireless A2B systems are ideal for telescopic and lattice boom cranes.

A red and white crane ready to lift the load

2.Wired ATB Systems

While the main functions of wireless and wired A2B warning systems are the same, the latter provides safer installation, especially in bulkier cranes. For example, a wired A2B system on a lattice crane is better as the cables can easily be run up the boom.

Using the A2B system, you can detect two-blocking blocking before there is an accident.

A wired A2B gives the operator a quick heads up about a potential two-block accident. Compared to a wireless A2B system, wired anti-two devices are better for fixed cranes.

Want to enhance the safety of crane operations at your facility? Crane Warning Systems Atlanta can help.

We’re a leading RaycoWylie crane safety equipment supplier in the US. Our wide range of products includes A2B warning systems, crane cameras, wireless crane anemometer, crane load indicators, ATB Systems and much more.

Check out our latest manuals here or contact us for more details.

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