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Your Lattice Boom Crane Is Incomplete Without the i4507 RCI

Lattice boom cranes are one of the most popular cranes found on construction sites. They provide a higher level of stability and better lifting capacity compared to other cranes like wheeled models.

There are three types of lattice boom cranes, including crawler cranes, outrigger cranes, and ring cranes. All of these cranes have several applications; for instance, the crawler crane has a compact design that allows working in tighter spaces.

Like every other crane, the lattice boom crane operations come with several risks that require careful consideration and planning to mitigate and reduce to an acceptable level to ensure the safety of crane operators and workers present at construction sites.

With the large lifting capacity of a lattice boom crane, it should have a quality crane indicator, specifically speaking, the i4507 Rated Capacity Indicator. Here’s everything you need to know about the RaycoWylie i4507 RCI to make an informed choice:

The i4507 Rated Capacity Indicator

The i4507 Rated Capacity Indicator is an essential piece of equipment to ensure the safety of your lattice crane operations. It can use a variety of sensors, including dynamometers, load links, load pins, angle sensors, and ATB switches, among others.

The self-diagnostics CAN bus network, intuitive menu screen, and easy calibration make the RCI system a perfect option for lattice cranes, and especially for large capacity lattice cranes. It will serve as an operator aid to ensure the safety and efficiency of your crane operations.

Technical Specifications

The i4507 Rated Capacity Indicator includes a large 7”screen with 800x480 resolution IP67 rated-display with a 16/9 ratio. The operating temperature ranges between -20°C to 70°C. The other technical specs are as follows:

  • Supply Voltage: 11 to 36 Vdc

  • Accuracy (of rated capacity): SAE J159

  • CAN bus Protocol: J1939 (also available In CANOpen)


The i4507 Rated Capacity Indicator provides a variety of information on one screen. The LCD screen has a high definition, anti-glare display, which makes it readable in sunlight, enabling crane operators to perform the lift safely.

The RaycoWylie i4507 RCI is camera input ready and designed to fit all applications. Other features include multilanguage capabilities, night mode images, multiple measurement units, and more.

Buy Quality Crane Safety Equipment

If you want to purchase premium-quality rated capacity indicators for your lattice boom cranes, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta can help! We’re the leading distributor of the RaycoWylie products that provide a large selection of crane safety equipment, including the i4507 Rated Capacity Indicator. Call us at 1-877-672-2951 for more details about our products!

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