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Zoomed In: The Importance of Crane Camera Systems

Gone are the days when crane operators only had to rely on signals from the riggers on the ground to safely lift up loads. Today, thanks to crane camera systems, crane operators have an extra set of eyes that make their work easier, safer and more efficient.

Crane camera systems are specialized navigational devices built for the crane settings. These systems are capable of operating in day or night and through hail or sunshine without experiencing any performance issues. They reinforce an operator’s field of vision and enhance their visibility of ground operations.

Often, crane accidents involve struck-by incidents, where crane operators fail to realize that they’re moving the load too close to site objects, equipment, structures or worse, personnel and end up crashing into them. This failure in acknowledgment can be mainly be attributed to:

  • the miscommunication with the signal person; or

  • the loading/unloading area being at an awkward angle or in shade

In either case, the consequences are destructive and fatal.

Crane camera systems enable crane operators to see what is happening around them by providing a wider image of the entire job site. A quick look at the screen installed inside the cabin can give them a close up to any preferred view that they might want to focus on. When combined with the help from the signal person on the ground, a solid lifting plan can be put into place which enables safer lifts and load relocations.

In addition, crane camera systems also serve to aid in the investigation of the already happened accidents. Companies can study what actually happened when the incident occurred and identify the errors. They can then communicate their findings with their employees and train them to ensure they don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

Thankfully, more and more businesses that work with cranes are realizing the importance of crane camera systems for their operations. Many tower crane-owning companies have embraced these systems as part of their safety tool kit, while others are also joining the wing.

Here at Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, we sell technologically advanced crane and heavy equipment camera systems. Our crane camera system can be purchased in either 2 or 4 camera kits to best suit your safety needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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