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3 Crane Safety Equipment to Secure Your Operations

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

3 Crane Safety Equipment to Secure Your Operations

When used correctly, cranes can help construction site workers add exceptional value to their operations. The great machines are huge investments that help companies enhance productivity and decrease costs.

From lifting heavy objects to moving them around the site and transporting them from one place to another, cranes carry out many tasks smoothly and effectively.

However, when used improperly, the machine can easily become a death trap! Overloading the crane, neglecting regular maintenance and failure to conduct daily inspections can lead to some major unfortunate events.

How can you maximize the safety of your crane operation?

The best way is to upgrade your crane with technologically advanced crane safety equipment!

Here’s a list of some cost-effective and user-friendly crane safety devices you need for your crane right now!

Anti-Two-Blocking Warning System

Two blocking refers to a problematic condition when lower load block on a crane, such as the hook assembly, comes in contact with the upper load block, i.e. the boom tip. When that happens, a lot of stress is put on the hoist line which can lead to the failure of the hoist rope and hinder successful crane operations.

This situation can be prevented with proper training and with upgrading your crane with an anti-two-blocking warning system. It’s one of the most important devices every crane must have!

3 Crane Safety Equipment to Secure Your Operations

Wind Speed Indicators

Operating a crane in strong wind poses a number of risks for damage and injuries. It can cause a crane to over-tip or drop loads and compromise the safety of a construction site. As very crane has a custom wind speed limit it can endure, it’s extremely important to check the intensity and direction of the wind before you start a lifting project.

A wind speed indicator is a device that can be used to measure the speed of wind at any time; it displays wind speed in various units and has built-in visual and audible alarms to help you ensure the safety of your crane operations.

Load Indicators

Overloading a crane beyond its capacity can result in a number of crane-related accidents, such as boom collapse, over-tipping and more. Just like the wind speed limit, cranes also come with a load limit that shouldn’t be exceeded when lifting heavy items.

Load indicators are devices that help ensure you’re never going over the limit. They come with multi-purpose sensors, selectable units, easy calibration and more! Make sure you upgrade your crane with a load indicator and enhance the safety of your construction site.

Looking for high-quality, cost-effective and user-friendly crane equipment devices? Get in touch with Crane Warning Systems Atlanta.

From ATB warning systems, safe load indicator system, wind-speed indicators, two-way-radios and crane camera system, we have it all! In association with Rayco Wylie, we’ve been providing the best crane warning system in Atlanta for nearly two decades!

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