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3 Crucial Employees For Safe Crane Operation

Workers busy near a crane

Safe crane operations are necessary to ensure the well-being of employees at all kinds of construction sites. They also increase project efficiency and eliminate the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

However, construction project managers must employ the right staff to ensure the safety and reliability of crane operations. There are strict standard procedures, regulations, and rules that must be followed when operating commercial cranes.

In this blog, we've talked about the four types of employees that are highly responsible for maintaining crane and staff safety.

1.Cranes Operators

Crane operators are skilled drivers who know all about navigating, moving and operating a crane. It's important to hire crane operators who have completed the necessary education, certifications, and training.

Depending on a project's scope and nature, a crane operator is responsible for driving cranes with focus and determination. They should be able to evaluate and maintain reliable equipment for safe usage. Crane operators must bear an accredited testing certificate, an audit, US military status, or a local or federal level license to operate cranes in the US legally.

Cranes deployed at a mega construction site

2.Crane Spotter

A spotter is the signal operator during crane operations. The operator on the driving seat may not have a full view of the surroundings at all times. This is where a spotter comes into play.

Spotters are responsible for guiding operators and offer them a holistic view of the route. They should stay focused and timely inform operators about obstacles or irregularities on the way. Spotters must know all kinds of signals. They should also be aware of basic crane operations to identify and resolve a hardware issue ASAP.


Riggers are essential for ensuring that hoists, pulleys, and other crane components are installed properly. Every employer must pay close attention when hiring a rigger at construction sites.

Safe crane operations are highly dependent on riggers' performance. A crane may stop working if they don't perform correct hooking, unhooking, and loading tasks. This leads to potential workplace injuries, higher downtime, and poor project performance.

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