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3 High-Tech Crane Safety Equipment You Need to Have

Crane safety is an essential part of crane operation, whether it’s on construction sites or loading docks. Crane-related mortalities are avoidable, but they still happen due to a variety of reasons. With the help of the latest high-tech crane safety equipment, crane safety can be improved greatly.

Overhead powerline electrocution was the leading cause of crane-related deaths, making up a quarter of the number. Other common causes include workers being hit by crane loads or struck by crane parts, crane booms, or jibs. Similarly, crane collapses were another leading cause.

According to the latest available data from BLS, the average yearly number of crane-related deaths is 42. So, what high-tech equipment can be used to avoid or at least reduce these mortalities? Let’s have a look!

 Yellow crane boom

1.Load Moment Indicators (LMIs) and Rated Capacity Indicators (RCIs)

Load moment indicators and rated capacity indicators are increasingly becoming essential pieces of equipment for crane operators. These high-tech devices can help prevent any overload accidents from happening by providing essential and timely information to crane operators.

The i4500 Load Moment Indicator is recommended for telescopic boom cranes, whereas the i4507 Rated Capacity Indicator is typically used for lattice boom cranes.

These devices have specialized sensors that monitor parameters such as weight of the load, capacity at that radius, boom angle, radius, length, and ATB warnings.

RCI systems also measure the tension in the hoist line, whereas LMI systems use pressure sensors to measure the force on the boom.

The good news is that LMIs and RCIs can be used for all types of cranes, including small carry deck cranes, offshore cranes, large lattice cranes, tower cranes, and everything in between.

Multiple tower cranes in operation at a construction site

2.Wireless Wind Speed Indicators

Another big concern for crane operation can be unpredictable winds that can significantly influence crane operation safety. Extreme weather conditions can impact the performance and safety of cranes.

The R180 Wireless crane wind speed Indicator from RaycoWylie helps you protect your employees and equipment, comply with OSHA regulations. It’s a simple, reliable, and cost-effective tool that helps crane operators monitor wind speeds easily.

3.Anti-Two-Block Warning Systems (A2B Devices)

Two-blocking is one of the most dangerous crane operation situations that can occur if the hook block is raised until it is contacting the boom tip. Without the anti-two-block warning system, two-block can lead to significant damage to the crane’s boom as well as the people and property around the crane.

Having an anti-two-block warning system, also known as an ATB warning system, can protect your cranes from the dangers of two blocking by warning the crane operators in a timely fashion. You can choose between hard-wired and wireless anti-two-block warning systems as per your needs.

Get The Best of Crane Safety With Crane Warning Systems Atlanta

At CWSA, we offer high-tech crane safety and warning systems manufactured by the industry leader in crane safety, RaycoWylie. As the largest national distributor of RaycoWylie crane safety equipment in the US, we can help you make your construction sites safer with our products.

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