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3 Trends That Are Set to Change the Future of Construction

Two construction workers using construction equipment.

The construction industry is growing. And as business booms, so does the number, duration, and complexity of projects. However, a growing market for construction also means increased competition, which only puts further strain on companies to meet budget, timeline, and quality demands.

If one company doesn’t satisfy the client’s needs, they can simply approach a company that does. A 2016 McKinsey analysis showed that many firms are unable to keep up with larger projects, with some running 20 percent over time and up to 80 percent over budget.

With all of this in mind, the need to stay on top of trends is incredibly important. Technology is improving, material and labor costs are fluctuating, and safety regulations are changing.

Failing to account for emerging trends in the industry with proper technological solutions will keep companies from gaining a much-needed competitive edge.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you do just that.

Real-Time Visibility with Mobile Technology

According to eSub, 80 percent of construction professionals are prioritizing the integration of mobile technology in their business operations. Mobile applications allow for on-site accountability, real-time inspections, and quick and efficient measurements through phone cameras. Companies that fail to incorporate mobile connectivity will hinder productivity and sales moving forward.

A building being constructed with a number of cranes surrounding it.

Automation with Construction Management Software

Losing minutes and hours can quickly add up to days and even weeks of delays. Waiting on approvals and additional information slows down processes considerably. Construction companies are increasingly turning to centralized software platforms that automate responses and manage workflows to deal with this problem.

Construction management software has quickly risen to become a critical component that keeps construction businesses competitive, allowing them to maximize operational efficiency and build business value.

The best construction management software platforms tackle end-to-end requirements, such as project management, inventory monitoring, HR, payroll procedures, document storage, budgeting, mobile team file sharing, data compilation, and RFIs.

Improved Safety with Cutting-Edge Equipment

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. Fatal injuries sustained by construction laborers and equipment operators on the job rank among the highest in the country.

To help curb this problem, the industry is witnessing an increase in technological equipment that indicates and even corrects common safety issues. Some of this state-of-the-art tech includes wireless wind speed indicators, load moment indicators, crane camera systems, and more.

However, when choosing safety equipment, it’s important that construction companies do their research, evaluate their options, and pick a trusted distributor. We have been a long-standing and reliable distributor of Rayco Wylie crane safety equipment for more than 20 years. We sell crane wind speed indicators, crane camera systems, crane load moment indicators, LMI for crane and more. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products. Call us at 1-877-672-2951.

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