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4 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment For Crane Operators

Crane onshore

Cranes are massive, heavy-duty machines that require extensive training to operate. If you’re a site manager or a crane operator, you understand how crucial it is to follow safety guidelines and ensure careful operation to keep yourself, the surrounding crew, and property safe. Engineers are developing advanced crane safety equipment that enables crane operators to detect any malfunction or external issues. Here are four crane safety devices that crane operators should have.

Anti-Two-Block Warning System

An ATB warning system is a device that attaches to the limit switch, which warns the crane operator to stop hoisting when the overhaul ball or load block touches the boom tip. An ATB warning system can prevent crane damage and load falling onto any person beneath the crane. We provide the RaycoWylie R147 wireless anti-two-block system and the reliable R140 wired anti-two-block warning system.

Wind Speed Indicators

Cranes operate at high altitudes, sometimes over 100 feet, which makes them susceptible to wind turbulence and structural imbalance in windy conditions. In 1983, OSHA mandated installing crane wind speed indicators to the crane and triggering an alarm when detecting high wind speeds. The R180 wireless wind speed indicator manufactured by RaycoWylie is a cost-effective solution for most crane operators. It’s easy to install, has a two-year battery life, triggers audible and visual alarms, and is CE, FCC, and OSHA compliant.

Crane lifting a heavy load

Load Indicator System

Cranes are designed to lift heft objects; however, they should never exceed the load limit. Overloading the crane can result in the crane tipping over, or the hoist line or hook breaking and falling, which can destroy property and injure anyone nearby. Crane load indicators allow crane operators to monitor the weight of the object they’re lifting and drop it if the weight exceeds. RaycoWylie crane load indicators are the best in class and can precisely measure the load lifted to help avoid an overloading accident.

Crane Camera Systems

Crane camera systems are installed to provide the crane operator an extended view of the blind spots that the operator can’t see from the cab. A crane-safe load monitoring system allows the crane operator to monitor the winch or any other part of the crane to avoid hitting anything or anyone. Our crane camera systems can be installed in 30 minutes without any drilling involved.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is the oldest and largest distributor of crane safety equipment from RaycoWylie, a pioneer in the crane safety industry with over 80 years of experience. We’ve served many clients over the past 20 years with industry-standard crane warnings systems. For more information, check out our range of products.



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