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A Guide to Correct a Crane Operator’s PPE

Crane operators are always exposed to a high-risk work environment, whether they’re assigned a spotting job or working inside a crane cabin. There are several ways businesses can improve crane operators’ safety and well-being.

Among those, provision of quality crane operation PPE tops the list.

Every type of job is subject to a particular dress code. This is especially true for outdoor work assignments at industrial and commercial sites. Crane operators are an asset to construction and engineering businesses, and their safety should always be a top priority for the management.

That’s why regulatory bodies like OSHA clearly define the components of crane operators’ PPE. Continue reading this blog to learn all about it.

Shielding Eyewear

Healthy eyes are the key requirement that allows crane operators to perform their daily jobs with ease. Hence, they need utmost care during crane operations. Operators should wear protective eye equipment such as safety glasses to protect their eyes from dust, smoke, flying debris, and other harmful substances in the air.

We recommend that crane owners provide eye safety gear to spotters and riggers as well because these employees work within close proximity to the crane equipment.

Ear Protection

Cranes are heavy-duty machines, and their engines produce significant noise. Moreover, crane operators are subjected to extreme vibrations and various sound frequencies. Therefore, commercial safety usage earphones are a must for crane operators’ safety.

Protective Headwear

Protecting your head is very important during crane operations, and that’s when helmets come into play. Impact, dent, and vibration-resistant crane operator helmets should be used to help operators perform their jobs without coming across health risks. Managers should choose a lightweight yet collision-resisting helmet for their crane operators.

Other than these PPE components, crane operators must wear:

Solid, heavy-duty boots

Cooling pads can be used to protect one’s body from the engine heat

Flame resistant clothing

Neon colors vests

Hard hats

Head cooling caps

Impact-resistant gloves

What Else Can Help You Boost Crane Operators’ Safety?

Along with ensuring the right crane operator PPE, you also have to be vigilant about equipment safety. Crane warning devices are to cranes what PPE is to crane operators.

Therefore, you must invest in advanced products like Anti-two blocking systems, wind speed indicators, and load warning indicators to maximize your equipment’s efficiency and risk resistance.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta—Your Ultimate Crane Safety Partner in the USA

Finding a reliable crane safety products distribution company in the US can be time-consuming and tricky. While many companies offer crane safety and warning devices, not all of them can be trusted. Warranty, originality, longevity, and customer service are some of the key factors you must consider when choosing a crane safety products distributor.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta has been offering the biggest range of crane safety products across the US since 2001. Our team of qualified technicians is available on a 24/7 basis to help our business with their crane safety queries and product installations.

Check out our product range here or contact us for more details.

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