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All About Collision Avoidance, Sway Control, and More

Cranes are heavy-duty, functional, efficient, and result-driven equipment. They're known for their capabilities in handling and performing material management applications. From lifting and loading weights to working as a support vehicle at construction sites, cranes can do pretty much anything.

However, with great benefits come great risks. Yes, using a crane isn't as easy as ABC. Innumerable controls, risk mitigation strategies, crane safety devices, and pre-site safety plans are some key tools for optimizing crane operators' wellbeing.

Sway and collision control are two of the riskiest aspects of operating a crane. If you're a construction or a manufacturing project manager and are worried about crane-related risks, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta has got your back!

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Known as the US's leading crane safety instrumentation supplier, we offer innovative crane safety devices such as ATB warning systems, LMI and RCI devices, and anemometers for cranes.

This detailed blog will talk about sway and collision controls during crane operations. You will learn all about their causes and prevention. So let's get to the details right away!

What is Crane Load Swaying?

Sway loads are common in tall cranes. They refer to hanging loads with the same direction, configuration, and movement like a pendulum. When a load is hung or hooked to a crane's arm, it acts like a moving pendulum that must be balanced properly. As a crane operator, you should be able to understand the different aspects of sway control and how related accident risks can be prevented.

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For example, crane operators and spotters should stay aware of the radius, height, weight, and fragility of the material being lifted by their crane. You can obtain these critical data sets in your equipment's manual. In addition, crane managers and owners should not overlook the importance of crane safety products that can significantly contribute to sway load risk prevention.

How to Prevent Swaying Loads?

As mentioned above, you can install certain crane safety devices to improve worksite safety for your crane personnel. For example, at Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, you can check out the most reliable and highly sought-after crane wind speed indicators.

How do they help?

A crane anemometer is a device used for detecting and projecting wind speed and direction before, during, and after crane operations. This device helps ensure a sway load's stability and weight optimization.

Hanging weights can be affected by wind gusts and can even get unhooked if the weather worsens. Always keep a close eye on wind speed and its possible effects when lifting hazardous items like dry walls or shipping containers.

What are Crane Collisions and How to Prevent Them?

Driving and controlling a crane is a lot more complex and difficult than driving a conventional vehicle. Crane operators need to bring their A-game to the worksite whenever they're assigned a load lifting and rigging task.

But certain risks always linger during crane operations. Among them, crane collisions and load slipping top the list. Crane collisions are a big nuisance. They can even be fatal if not addressed promptly.

Lifting fragile and hazardous material can get challenging, and crane operators may find themselves vulnerable to accidents. Similarly, suspended crane loads can collide with an electricity wire, another machine in the surrounding, or a pole if the worksite hasn't been prepared before starting a crane operation.

All of the instances mentioned above qualify as a crane collision.

How Can Crane Operators Stay Alert and Mitigate Crane Collision Risks?

First and foremost, crane operators, spotters, and riggers need to have access to cutting-edge crane warning devices that can optimize crane safety. Some of the best products available in the market today are RaycoWylie's LMI and RCI systems. These devices are designed to keep crane operators aware of all the nitty-gritty aspects of crane rigging. LMI and RCI systems also ensure that operators do not exceed a crane's weight, height, or rated capacity limits.

If you're in the US looking for a reliable crane safety products seller, your search is over. Crane Warning Systems Atlanta brings you a wide set of products that can take your crane equipment's safety to the next level.

In addition to crane safety devices, you can also leverage the following tools to minimize crane collision risks:

  • Install a forward collision warning alarm for timely alerts in case a load hits your crane's front

  • Train your operators about blind-side collisions and help them build strong reflexes to prevent the risks

  • Launch pedestrian and cross-traffic warnings before launching a crane rigging project

  • Invest in a parking assist device to help crane operators safely park the machinery at a safe spot after task completion

All in all, you need some type of collision and anti-sway technology, whether you have a mobile or crawler crane or a huge tower crane. For more details about crane warning products, check out our product manuals now!

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How Can Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Help You Increase Crane Safety and Rigging Efficiency?

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a well-known crane safety products distributor in the US. We have been offering the most comprehensive range of crane safety instrumentation since 2001.

Our range of products includes but isn't limited to:

  • Anti-Two Blocking warning devices

  • Load limit indicators

  • Load moment indicators

  • Rated capacity indicators

  • Wind speed warning systems for cranes

  • Displays and sensors, and more!

We are a proud distributor of RaycoWylie crane safety devices. The World-renowned crane safety products manufacturer was formerly known as Wylie and later changed to RaycoWylie. The company created its first-ever crane load indicator back in 1933. And today, you can buy their amazing and tech-advanced products at Crane Warning Systems Atlanta.

Access free troubleshooting guides, product manuals, and wiring diagrams on our website, or contact us now!

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