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ATB Warning Systems: When to Invest in the Wireless Option

The crane industry heavily depends on electronics to both control and monitor the machines. The systems are constantly changing, with new models being invented almost daily. To make sure you stay up to date, it is vital that your company invests in wireless warning systems. These highly affordable solutions offer a number of benefits over their wired counterparts, the most important of which is safety for both crane operators and surrounding workers. Let's see why you should invest in ATB warning systems.


What Are ATB Warning Systems for Cranes?

ATB stands for Anti-two-block. Their purpose is to warn the operator against two-blocking the crane, which is a dangerous condition in which the hook block is raised to the extent that it contacts the tip of the boom, which is dangerous and can cause accidents. It is also more of a maintenance issue, and in most cases, it is the tip block support that needs to be replaced.

One of the biggest causes of crane accidents, in general, is when the boom reaches its full extent. This usually occurs when the load is low, and you need to pull in more weight.

Wireless vs. Wired ATB Warning Systems

Wireless ATB warning systems are preferred over wired because they are the safest option. The biggest advantage is that they provide a clear indication of the maximum level being reached. This makes it easier for crane operators to adjust the load weight or height, enabling them to avoid accidents.

Wired ATB warning systems are used extensively for older cranes. These models have permanently installed electrical wiring being used to control crane functions. With wireless systems, there are no cables running up the boom on these crane models. That means a wireless ATB warning system can be used on any crane type providing increased flexibility in their applications.

At Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, we stock high-quality, branded ATB warning systems at affordable prices. Our selection of warning systems has been carefully chosen to provide our customers with the best communication solution for their robust industrial communication needs. We also have crane load monitors, load indicators, portable cameras, crane RCI indicators, crane anemometer, crane LMI systems, among other parts to augment crane safety systems. Contact us to find out more.

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